Commercial Condo Space

Looking to Invest in Commercial Condo Space?

Looking to Invest in Commercial Strata Space?

Invest in your growing business

Take advantage of the many benefits of owning commercial condo space. Building equity in your own assets instead of someone else’s just makes sense. Count on Colliers trusted team of experts to provide you with a wide range of commercial condo opportunities to ensure you find the space that is right for you and your business.


The office condo market in Toronto continues to grow with limited inventory in office ownership opportunities. Office condo developments are beginning to attract higher demands from business owners and investors alike who are ready to reap the rewards of office property ownership. ​


With a proven track record and real-time knowledge of both market trends and up-and-coming industrial developments, the Colliers team is ready to help you secure your next industrial space.  ​ ​ ​


Ready to take the next step with your retail business? Own your space and invest in your company's growth and success.

Why Owning Your Space is a Smart
Business Decision

Exercise Control

Avoid annual rent escalations, and know your occupancy is safe in Toronto’s limited commercial supply.

Enjoy Pride of Ownership

Be the business owner you imagined you would be. Own the space and watch your business grow.

Build Equity

As you pay down your principal, your equity grows.

Build Financial Capital

Owning provides stability, as well as the reward of potential gains when and if you decide to sell your space.

Enjoy Financial Certainty

Owning provides stability, fixed interest rates mean you can lock in monthly payment.

Establish Financial Certainty

Purchasing a pre-sale strata unit allows you to lock in monthly ​ payments with low interest rates.

Realized Advantages

Capital investments bring long-term value while operating expenses and mortgage interest can be written off.

Take Advantage of Tax Exemptions

Depending on the strata space you purchase, you may be exempt from certain standard taxes.

Reap Rewards

Property ownership means you have a long-term asset that can be leased or sold.

Get in Early and Save

Take advantage of pre-sale strata units and purchase at the onset of development and construction to save on costs.

Experience Colliers' Expertise

Trusted advisors who have sold hundreds of commercial condo units to business owners and investors.

Experience Colliers' Expertise

Trust advisors and teams who have sold hundreds of commercial-strata units to business owners and investors.

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